Compatible vs Re-manufactured Cartridges

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New Compatible vs. Re-manufactured Compatible toner cartridges

At Cartridge World Pasadena we are frequently asked what is the difference between new compatible and remanufactured compatible toner cartridges.  This article describes the two options available to consumers in after market supplies and explains why we recommend using remanufactured printer cartridges for your printer.

After market toner cartridges come in two options.  You can get a brand new toner cartridge made from all new components or you can get a remanufactured toner cartridge made from new and recycled components.  Both types are so called “compatible” with the original cartridge from your printer’s manufacturer, however, one type should not be confused with the other.  This article contrasts the differences between the two types of cartridges and explains why remanufactured compatible cartridges are generally better than new compatible cartridges.

A new compatible printer cartridge is made from all new parts which are closely copied to mimic the original cartridge the compatible is trying to replace. None of the parts are recycled and all plastics, aluminum and other components are brand new.
A remanufactured compatible printer cartridge is made from combination of new and recycled components.  It is created by taking an original spent cartridge and taking it through a process of cleaning, examining, replacing worn out parts, filling it with toner and post testing the cartridge.  In most cases, the body of the cartridge is the original body actually made by the same manufacturer that made your printer.  Many of the parts inside the cartridge are reused original components that may have been cleaned and left for a second cycle.
A remanufactured compatible printer cartridge is most frequently a better choice than a new compatible cartridge.
Your printer manufacturer goes through great lengths to ensure that the cartridge and its intended printer work well together.  The cartridge is made of high quality parts to minimize any issues and produce a great quality print.  After all, if the cartridge does not work or print correctly it would reflect poorly on the printer and could damage the reputation of the manufacturer who created it.  This is one of the reasons why original cartridges made by your printer’s manufacturer cost so much more.
A re-manufactured compatible printer cartridge retains as many of these original components as possible.  The original printer manufacturer has infinitely more resources to dedicate to producing a high quality component than any single after market producer.  Thus if the original component can be safely reused for another cycle, it usually is.
A new compatible printer cartridge is generally made in developing countries where the main goal is to produce a new cartridge as cheaply as possible.  None of the original cartridge components are re-used.  Instead, new components are created to closely match and mimic the functionality of the original cartridge.
While the re-manufactured printer cartridge starts from a high quality base, the new compatible printer cartridge starts from the cheapest base.  Every component that goes into a new compatible printer cartridge is scrutinized for price.  Why?  Because, new compatible printer cartridges are produced so cheaply that they can be dumped on the market for even less than the cost of a re-manufactured cartridge.  An empty core which is required to create a re-manufactured cartridge, could be more expensive than the whole cost of the new compatible cartridge.
Here is an analogy which applies in this case.  If you are looking to buy a Ferrari, but are not willing to shell out the cash for a new car would you rather buy a genuine rebuilt Ferrari or a completely different car made to look like a Ferrari?
While the re-manufactured printer cartridge is made from an original cartridge made by the manufacturer of your printer to exacting specifications, the new compatible printer cartridge is made to closely match the original.  Because of these varying degrees of tolerances the new compatible cartridge may not fit in your printer as well as the re-manufactured cartridge.  Due to poor fit, frequent printing issues may arise.  Your printer could also be physically damaged by a poor fitting new compatible printer cartridge.
A new compatible printer cartridge uses all new parts and resources.  It is rarely re-manufactured as most of the parts are just too worn by the end of its cycle.  Because of this, each new toner cartridge wastes approximately 5 pounds of our Earth’s natural resources.  A re-manufactured printer cartridge reuses many of the parts.  Because of this, far fewer of the natural resources go toward creation of a re-manufactured compatible cartridge.
So the next time you are looking for a printer cartridge make sure to ask your supplier for a re-manufactured instead of brand new compatible printer cartridge.